Condensing Units

Condensing Units

Special Features

  1. Manufacture compact Design, Tropicalised design, suitable for Hot and Dusty Indian field conditions. Freeze India model design for corrosion resistance, Cleanliness and Reliability
  2. 28 Kg/Cm2 (400 PSI) Dry Nitrogen leak-tested and sealed.
  3. Freeze India make 10 FPI vapor de-greased condenser does not get clogged easily. Our condensers are optimum sized, Bullet Expanded and maintenance-free.
  4. Refrigerant cleaned Condenser, Receiver and all tubing prior to assembly for cleanest refrigeration system. Lowest residue levels.
  5. Life-time lubricated IP-54 exhaust-fan for highest reliability industry environs.
  6. Fitted with large receiver with valve for easy pump-down and stable performance in all operating conditions. Receiver pressure tested at 28 Bar with Dry Nitrogen.
  7. Expansion valve, dryer, sight glass, solenoid valve to suit application.
  8. High quality electrical with optional fully wired-up control panels with wiring enclosures.
  9. Direct-to-Customer Nation-wide replacement of Compressors available directly from the manufacturers.
  10. Multi refrigerant capability with R22, R404a, R134a, R407c.

Technical Specification

Nothing specified in the world unless customer needs. We are with customers.